2.TIP When You’re Overwhelmed

You’re Not Working Because You’re Overwhelmed… And Afraid Of Failing

How to Stop Feeling-Overwhelmed     Watch Our Video

This is common when you’re doing something new, exciting and big.

The tendency to feel overwhelmed is high when so much hinges on your success.

There’s an easy way to snap out of this overwhelming feeling:


Take A Break  See What Wikipedia Has To Say
  • don’t get hung up on the results! You don’t know what’s going to happen anyway.
  • focus your time and effort on things you can control, those within your circle of influence, instead of things you can’t affect.
  • For your work, your circle of influence is limited to your hard work and attention to details.
  • The results, whether your boss likes what you do or not, is out of your control so don’t dwell on it.

What is your doing if you are stressed? Please let us know.

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