Be your own boss

It involves hard work and, in many cases, longer hours than a traditional nine to five job.

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Hands-on Job

There are plenty of jobs that involve working with your hands but do not involve a boss.

  • If you have a good organizational eye and know your way around tools, you could start working as a spacemaker. You would clean out basements, garages and attics and install cabinets or shelves to turn an empty or useless space into a valuable room. Most people are willing to pay serious money to get the most out of the space that already existed in their home.

You could also work as a professional organizer.

  • This position would require organizational ability but also a finely tuned ability to listen. You would have to organize a room or office in such a way that it makes sense to the person who will be using it. You might hate filing cabinets with a passion, but if that is what works best for your client, you will need to put in those filing cabinets.
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Creative Work

This is often the sort of job people enjoy picturing in fantasies.

  • They imagine the best-selling author or award winning painter who smiles at their creations. Reality is not quite so kind, even to the most successful creatives, but it is possible to make a living using your creative passion. Freelance writers can make a good living, and jewelry makers can also find enough work to survive.
  • Most successful creatives, however, build up a large client base before they quit their nine to five office job. Until you have clients, you have no one who will buy your skills.

If you want to enter a creative field as your own boss, you have to know what clients want to buy.

  • Poetry is not likely to pay the bills unless you are the next Silvia Plath, and even then you will have to live off cereal for a while. Copy writing, however, is a valuable skill. If you can write blog posts, marketing copy and content for advertising campaigns, you will be able to keep the cash flowing.
  • Similarly, graphic designers are usually in higher demand than impressionist painters. If you love your craft, you can make money off it, but you will likely need to make some compromises.

Do you have your dream job? How did you get it?

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