The first year of marriage is a narrow road to success.

Marriages are a #lifetimeproject.

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The first year of marriage is critical for the couple to understand and adjust with each other.

Do not worry that the first year is ridden with problems. It is not, because your sweet moments definitely outweigh the sour ones. However, it is good to #prepareyourself for the not-so-good times in this year. Here are the probable difficulties you might face in your marriage

Communication Will Improve After Your First Year of Marriage  See What Wikipedia Has To Say
  • Never-ending conflicts: You are still getting used to each other and conflicts might arise even on trivial issues such as keeping the washroom clean. However, do not prolong the arguments; take a deep breath and be calm because one of you needs to let it go for the conflict to end.
  • Lack of romance: Your spouse may be too shy to express their love or maybe they are not the romantic type. This could result in some disappointment but you can talk to them about your expectations.
  • Selfish behaviour: You may feel that your partner is being selfish and still thinks about him/ her alone while ignoring you. You may communicate your feelings to them.
  • Debt and financial instability: Any unforeseen financial instability or previous debts of your partner can cause a lot of stress in the marriage.
  • Addictions of any kind: Addictions pose a danger to the relationship not just in the first year but at any time.
  • Domestic violence: It is important to report any kind of domestic violence immediately; never suffer in silence because nobody has a right to harm or torture you.
  • Unrealistic expectations: If you are having unrealistic expectations from your spouse or vice versa, then it will only lead to disappointment.
  • Not spending enough time with each other: Spending quality time with each other, especially in the first year is very important to know about each other and develop a bonding.

In the next post (in 4 days) let’s see how you can wade through these potential issues and make your first year happier.

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