If you are not honest, you will get a long nose

Nobody likes to listen to cheap flattery in order to present themselves as “sales-strong”.

Be Honest To Be Accepted   Watch Our Video
  • It’s important to be appropriately open and honest with yourself. You don’t have to share everything, but you need to be yourself.
  • That authenticity will shine through and is very attractive to others, even when you fear others won’t like the real you.
  • Don’t become a people pleaser who says or does things just to win the affection or respect of others. You train people to take advantage of you when you do, which ultimately leads them to lose respect for you — and you for yourself.
  • Remember, sometimes an honest “no” is better than a dishonest “yes”.
  • When people ask for your opinion, be honest and open about what you think, without being rude.
  • For example, if you dislike your friend’s haircut, and your friend asks you about it, try saying, “I really love it when your hair is long,” rather than, “I think it it’s a bad look for you.”
If You like to be accepted – Accept The World Around You!  See What Wikipedia Has To Say

Be sure in what you do, but not exuberant

  • Having confidence is endearing, but being overly confident is very unattractive.
  • People tend to turn away from others who have a personality that revolves only around how great they are.
  • An effective way to avoid this is to focus your attention on other people and offer compliments and kind remarks.
  • Each day, find something to compliment about the people you encounter — whether they are friends, family, or strangers, doing this will keep you grounded and will win you the affection of these people

We remember people fondly who say nice things to us. We tend to criticize, then forget those who are cocky and braggarts.

What type are you? How do you deal with others?

Oliver & Kim


A good time for the whole family.



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