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First, the answer might reveal that you don’t actually want to be self-employed… you just want a better job.

For example, you might realize you just really, really hate your boss. You don’t actually want all the challenges that come with entrepreneurship. You just want a better boss.

That’s an important discovery, because finding a better boss is WAY easier than starting a business.

Or as another example, you might realize you just want to earn more money, and you need to switch to a company or career with more upwards mobility. Again… way easier than starting a business.

But let’s say you are absolutely certain you want to be self-employed. It’s still worth defining your “why” for a different reason.

Your “why” is what is going to sustain you through the challenging road ahead. When you don’t feel motivated, when you hit a big road bump, when the funds are running dry, your “why” is what will give you the push to keep fighting and make it work.

Have your business attack plan in Part 3

I hope you like it. Next week I’ll present a plan .

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