1.TIP  Just Do It. When motivation is lacking?

Just imagine the possibilities.

You can work effortlessly without nagging yourself to start.

Just Do It And You Will Be Happier    Watch  Our  Video

How to Get Crap Done (Even When You Don’t Feel Like It)

Getting Started When You Don’t Feel Like Doing Whatever You’re Supposed to be Doing

  • You Do It! And You Will Find Your Motivation.  See  What  Wikipedia  Has  To  Say

    Nike has solved this for us ages ago:    Just Do It. 
    In times like this, just ignore your feelings and do the work, be it exercising, writing your novel, or waking up early.

  • People think they need to feel motivated before they act, but the truth is motivation comes from    doing
    For instance, once you do 1 push-up, you’ll feel motivated to do more.
  • How much stress (and guilt) can we remove from our daily lives, if we did what we’re supposed to do?? If that were the case, we’d all be happy and productive people.

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