Once you know what you are wanting to offer, you need to decide who you are offering it to. See what Wikipedia has to say.

Start small. The more focused your niche, they better success you will have through the first few years of your business.

It’s counterintuitive, but imagine you are a local gym owner interested in marketing services.

Think, research and be lucky

Who would you rather hire?

  1. “I help businesses improve their marketing.”
  2. “I help gyms improve their marketing.”

Since one person focuses only on your type of business, you will have a lot more trust in their expertise to improve your specific type of business.

C. Develop your value proposition

Once you know what you are wanting to offer and who you are offering it to, you need to identify where the value is and be able to communicate it effectively.

This is called your value proposition.

Think about it and look forward to Part 5

Hope you enjoyed the read and found it helpful.

Regards Oliver

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