I just had one of THOSE #supermarket trips

you know where you leave feeling like you have ages 10 years and pretty sure everyone in the supermarket thinks you have zero control of your children.

Some days you think oh yeah I’m all over this parenting gig and some days you are like how the heck are we all still alive. #familyinmotion

Well  I should of known when we pulled up to the supermarket it was going to be one of THOSE times, they were already fighting and whinging they didn’t what to go shopping… it’s all good we will be real fast!! It was not fast in fact the most drawn out experience ever….

sad shopping
Not an easy shopping day

They literally looked like wild animals

I’m not gonna sugar coat it… my littlest has hair similar to a troll not being mean like if you put it in a high pony and take it out it stays there… her hair was a matted excuse for a do (think electrocuted) her outfit she obviously picked herself SHE IS THREE after all mum apparently lost all ability to help construct an outfit when she turned three.

Her jumper was a size 6 hand me down on backwards for effect with a lovely floral pattern matched with another too big skirt covered in spots and finished off with slipper SHOES yip they are not for the house apparently slipper shoes are for going out…AWESOME!!

My son was hyped up on I’m not sure but was literally either parkour off shelves and counters or getting in them and laying his body all over the packets of flour, toilet paper rolls and chasing his little sister cos she screams its realllllyyyyyy funny (to him anyway)… our big kid never stopped talking EVER like EVER your running trying to intercept a small one before they make it to the next isle she’s telling you about her new friend and it would be great if she could come for a play date, mum can get ingredients for slime, mum remember when you bought us that yummy chocolate, I think we should take the car through the car wash ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH… Can’t you see I have lost control right now honey like seriously the whole supermarket can see….

Shopping without fun.
Sometimes is shopping a disaster

Don’t get me wrong I love my children with all my heart but today was just one of those mental crazy just trying to survive days….

There were lots of mum in the supermarket that give you that sympathetic smile as in total know how you feel or they notice your child is racing a trolley toward them fend it off with one hand while continuing their groceries I’m like wow she’s definitely done that before.

  • The million comments of wow you have got your handful there but my favorites are the older people who smile warmly and say it may feel crazy now but believe us when we say they grow so fast…smile and embrace the joy and the madness! They always make your day i’m not sure if it’s the look of sincere love on their faces as they have been through it and miss it OR THAT THEY ARE PROOF WE CAN ALL SURVIVE THE CRAZY YEARS….
  • IL let you know when I work it out!! For now my babies are asleep and I can go back to looking at them with calm sense of love and pride we survived another day….

Please contact me for some suggestions #familyinmotion

Kim still a happy mom




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