identify where the value is

Saying “I offer marketing services” isn’t very compelling.

Saying “I improve your marketing” is a little better but still lacking.

Saying “I bring in new clients through marketing” is better but still not quite there.

Saying “I bring in new clients by improving your Google My Business rankings” is more along the lines of what we’re looking for.

“Improvement” and “marketing” are vague terms. “New clients” and “improve GMB rankings” are a lot more specific.

Create your plan of attack

Now that we have the targets in place and a general idea of how we are going to provide value, it’s time to plan the actual numbers of building a business.

Again, don’t be intimidate by this. It’s supposed to be practical, not a skill unto itself.

Here’s an example “business plan”:

1.I help local gyms increase their clients month-to-month by increasing their Google My Business (GMB) rankings.

2. I’m going to work with 10 local gyms every month at a rate of $500 per client per month, bringing in a total of $5,000 revenue per month.

3. I will need to spend 4 hours per week on each client, which will be focused on improving their GMB rankings. My deliverables will be bringing in new clients through their website via GMB.

4. In order to land these clients, I’m going to reach out to every locally owned gym in town until one of them agrees to work with me. If I need to, I’ll do the first client on a pay-for-results basis, and then once I get them results, I’ll have them refer me to gym owners they know in other towns. I’ll also do my own cold outreach citing the results from the first client.

Never lose sight of your goal

That’s it.

This is way more useful than a 10-page business plan full of fluff and made-up bs. Being self-employed is all about being simplicity and practicality!

You have to plan your finances! How? in Part 6 we find out

See You again, Oliver

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