The power of using teachable moments in your daily life

You can help your child sharpen their observation and thinking and reasoning skills skills as you go about your normal day.
  • For example instead of driving by the construction site by our house and saying “look it’s a crane”  you could say something along the lines of “what do you think its does?”. A trip to the supermarket always involves my #children in some way shape or from my 7 year old finding which product is the best deal comparing size and prices, my son is 4 he likes to count the fruit as we bag it. Going for a walk can open up SOOOO many questions and opportunities to get your children’s brains pondering the world and what makes things tick, “I wonder how that tree got to be so tall”, ” I wonder how a waterfall is formed”, “why do you think that garden is growing more than that garden?” seriously the questions are endless… If they ask you a question instead of answering have a go at redirecting it back to them eg. Dad how does that water stay there instead of sink into the ground? turn it back to them and say what a great question why do you think that its not sinking?
  • Every part of the day can be a unique learning experience helping them master new life skills and increase vocabulary as well as learn concepts such as math and how it is used in real life. Encouraging observation of details will help your child do the same in all aspects of life including school which can be a beneficial learning tool to be armed with.


No matter what level or age your #child is at, the best thing you can do is be involved.

Being an active part of your #child’s personal journey of self-discovery is what’ll drive her personal development. I know all i want is for my children to be happy, healthy, loved, confident and have a passion for life and I hope i can support them in this journey and nurture their love for learning…

Let me tell you if my child can grow up happy, healthy, loved, confident and have a zest for life and continuing curiosity to question the world and learn from itI will be one happy parent.

My job is to support them through their life journey the best I can (and that is all we can do the best WE CAN)…

Parenting is one of the most rewarding but most challenging jobs and if you managed to read this to the end… then you are obviously off to a good start in supporting your child and that right their is pretty amazing…



  1. […] My children are involved in everything from the time they get up they are in charge of their rooms and beds even our three year old gives making her bed a good crack (lucky she has a tidy brother who shares a room that helps her probably wouldn’t happen if he didn’t share a room and like his space tidy)… they pour their own breakfast, even our three year old who sometimes need a little support with a full milk bottle otherwise she keeps up with the best of them, they can bring their dishes up from the table, help make lunchboxes, empty their bags, help with dinner (cutting, preparing and cooking),love to bake, help empty dishwashers. […]


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