Firstly, let us talk about the mind. It has taken me a long time to really grasp the fact that your mind has a direct effect on your body and its wellbeing and not in a small way. If you feel down, plagued by anxiety or even depression you start finding other ways to make you feel better. I was a victim of this and it was one photograph with my kids at the zoo in 2019 that changed everything. I noticed that I wasn’t present, and my face showed concerns and worries and compared to my kids I didn’t express joyous emotions.

It had to change so I went to the library and searched for anything on self-improvement and the first book I picked was Kindfulness from Padraig O’Morain. Becoming a more self-compassionate and mindful person. I read the first page and became teary; I was overwhelmed by the fact that there was a solution to my mental absence and worries. Being a more self-compassionate person not only gives you peace and joy in life but also makes other people around you feel it radiating from you. It has become a huge part in my life now and constant practice improves the quality of the life I live. I can highly recommend it.   

Talking about eating, one of the ways that made me feel better before I understood the power of the mind was eating. I was an emotional eater myself.

As soon as I felt down I consumed an awful amount of sweet and fatty foods all at once and for a brief moment it made me feel good and made me forget all the negative things around me, but shortly after I felt bloated, lethargic, my skin changed and my body went into shut down mode. If I can take one analogy, it is like filling a car with dirty fuel on a constant basis and wondering why one day we pay more for repairs than ever before.

That is because the engine and all connected parts can no longer manage. The same goes for our body. What we eat, we are. We can seriously not wonder why we become overweight, become sicker and eventually die earlier than we should if we keep fueling ourselves with the wrong foods. I don’t believe in extreme diets as it deprives the body for a certain period of time before going back to normal but I do believe that a well balanced diet is the key to a longer, healthier life. One program on Netflix that changed my way of looking at food was Game Changers and since then I started researching more.

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Thanks Oliver



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