Think very carefully about your finances

Monitor your business

There are endless ways you can take charge of your financial situation, whether you hire an accountant who has experience with self-employed people, or you take a DIY approach and learn the ins and out yourself.

One thing is for sure: No matter how you choose to manage your money, make sure you have a good handle on it. As a self-employed person, it’s up to you to keep, understand, and monitor your business’ finances, even if you have an accountant in your corner.

Before you spend money, make a plan

Below are a few things you may want to consider as you’re setting up your finances:

  • Register your business as an LLC, sole proprietor, independent contractor, etc.
  • Open a business bank account for profits and taxes
  • Create a budget to help plan for expenses and profit goals
  • Understand your healthcare options if you live in the US

Money is a common stressor among many self-employed people, so it’s best to tackle the beast head-on from the get-go.

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