We went to Fiji, It was a super duper culture shock to little old country bumpkin safe NZ me…

The real Fiji is not what I envisioned, it defiantly wasn’t the post card perfect views we all know and see. Seeing the way they live over there (real Fiji not the resorts, the Fiji if you were like me knew nothing about only pictured postcard perfect sun, sand blue waters and cocktails).

  • But the reality is a lot of the locals live in really run down houses/shacks some have bricks or sand bags holding down their roofs, some don’t have doors or are covered in bars, you can see some lying on the floor inside their houses and you can’t help but think WHAT THE HECK do we have to complain about. And they seem happy they are always waving and saying hi welcoming you to Fiji it really was heart-warming.
  • The first time I went into the town of Nadi I was literally petrified it was quite a culture shock to me, my husband on the other hand was off fine and dandy haggling down prices of fruit at the market or at the souvenir shops I literally said nothing apart from I want to get out of here…
  • WHY? The people were nice they did try to get you into their shops though which I’m not used too and tried to push sales on you. When you looked around everything looked run down and every shop was covered in bars which immediately made me think danger danger!!

Everyone had a story as to why you should buy from them and support their village (which always pulls on my heart strings, I’m a sucker) but we surely did notice a lot didn’t have prices on items and when you asked they looked you up and down as said a really high price now I would of just said okay or no thank you but the husband knew how to play and was calling their prices left right and center.

No value in Fiji shops
Shopping for nothing

The next time we went in I felt much better and the third time I was all over having lunch at a curry house which quickly became a favorite and they remembered us and warmly welcomed us each time we came in. I always felt guilty going back to our fancy resort like I was a bit of a snob.

The workers at the resort were fabulous

we got to know quite a few during our time there especially the sport activities organizers I think we may have gotten a name for ourselves as a group of three of us have some less than desirable competitiveness so everything ended up a full blown competition which they thought was great and couldn’t wait to get in on the action all of them asked us when we were leaving and made sure they came to find us to say goodbye (and to challenge us to one last table tennis battle).

the real Fiji
This is the real Fiji

It was really amazing to see how another country lives I wish I could have taken my children to give them a small dose of reality and show them about life outside of their own.

Have you taken your children anywhere which gave them powerful life lessons ?

I would love to hear from you in the comments below who knows maybe we will check it out next holiday time…



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