The power of curiosity

Preschoolers naturally tend to radiate curiosity and continuously question the world.

Sadly this quality sometimes starts to disappear as they get older.

  • Sometime the 5000 questions in a day can drive us a little bit loco BUT this curiosity can be a powerful life attribute that we all want to keep ignited in our children. If you are always asking questions and thinking on a deeper level you are always learning and gaining a deeper understanding of the world around you. How to keep this curiosity alive?
  • Keep them eager by encouraging communication and showing an interest in what they are interested in. If you ask questions about what they’re playing with or talking about you’re creating an open give and take relationship, children love to share what they are interested in (and this is something we have been working on in our house just because it isn’t your area of interest doesn’t mean both parties won’t benefit from sharing with each other). Your child will ask questions and look for more good stuff to share in return.
  • Take time to share your passions with your child: Take them fishing, to a museum, a bush walk or watch an interesting show together (what ever your interest may be), and tell your child what you like about it and why.

This continues to help build a relationship of trust and communication, letting your children know their voice is valued and building their confidence to voice their opinions with others also helps continually develop language and communication skills.


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