I am sitting in New Zealand in Alert Level 2 after coming out of lockdown from the previous level restrictions and life has gone pretty much back to normal. The shops are all open and there are strict measures in place to stop the spread of this flu virus any further. The question begs, could this have been tackled earlier? Could more lives have been saved? Did all of this start naturally or was this in a way planned for either financial gain or other sinister reasons? Once all borders are open again, will Sweden be the thriving country, not just economically but as a population having achieved herd immunity? Begs to wonder why one country is going against the grain.

It would be great to hear all of our follower’s comments on this subject. In any case it is a tragic situation for the world and all the lives lost. I can only recommend to strongly adhere to the procedures outlined to keep everyone safe during this time. I believe in maintaining a strong immune system myself and it shows that this virus can not hurt you if you are healthy. So, this should be a wake-up call for anyone doing damage to their body by smoking, taking drugs, too much alcohol or fueling with the wrong kinds of foods. And by wrong I mean cutting out sugar, salt and limiting fats and instead giving your body the right kind of nutrients and minerals, it needs.

I hope that anyone reading this is healthy and did not have to go through the pain of loosing a loved one. Please share your thoughts and comments with us, we would love to hear from you.

Thanks Oliver




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