Bullies can make our lives difficult at any age

even when you’re an adult—but you don’t have to sit by and take undeserved punishment from someone bigger, louder, or meaner than you. Here are a few approaches you can take.

 make our lives difficult
Bullies Bullies can make our lives difficult   WATCH OUR  VIDEO   #FamilyInMotion

The first option is to ignore the bully.

They’re attempting to upset you in an effort to provoke a reaction from you. If you don’t react, there’s no reward for the bully. They want you to yell, cry, cower, look sad, do anything that suggests they’re getting to you. It makes them feel powerful. If you ignore them completely the power goes away. If you can tough it out, they’ll get bored and move on.

Tell an Authority Figure Who Can and Will Help

A bully’s power is often magnified if we feel too ashamed to tell anyone about it. Do not be embarrassed by your situation, and do not hesitate to let someone know what’s going on. Go to a teacher, a counselor, or your parents, and explain the situation.

How to handle bullies?
Bullies can make our lives difficult   SEE  WHAT  WIKIPEDIA HAS  TO  SAY   #FamilyInMotion

Fight Back in Self-Defense Only

Your third last-resort option is to fight back. This approach is a bit more controversial, but it can also be extremely effective. You’re not just ignoring the bait a bully dangles in front of you, you’re throwing it back at them. It’s only ever recommended if you discuss this approach with your parents and they’re comfortable with it.

Please tell us how you can handle this problem. 

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