I say sorry to my children, do you?

Sometimes we get grumpy, it just happens…

Do you ever just have days where you without a doubt cannot control your grumpiness??

You could have a valid reason or don’t even have a reason to be grumpy which makes you grumpier,

the kind of days for some reason there are always breakages,

  • spills ,
  • accidents ,
  • ears are turned off,
  • voices are turned up…
  • doesn’t really matter what happens but it will accelerate your grumps… I get it I’m pretty sure well all have these days…
  • WELL I DO anyway (I’m hoping it not just me)… It sometimes doesn’t matter what happens or if other try to cheer you up every little thing turns the grouches right back on…

Fast forward have you noticed some days your children are just grumpy??

You have searched the reasons, no temperature, been to the doctor no ear infections or tonsillitis, they have eaten they have pooped they have napped and still just tantrum having moody little bundles of joy??

Just curious how do you react? Is this behaviour acceptable to you when they tantrum for what you see as no reason? Lose their marbles when some which sister or brother look their direction


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But also we need to teach each other that sometimes our mood gets they better of us,
I myself if I have a not so glamorous day I talk to each of my children at they end of the day and actually apologize yip I apologize.

E.g. I just wanted to say goodnight darling and talk to you about they day, mummy was a little bit grumpy today and I’m sorry if I was a bit growly today I just want you to know I love you dearly and I will work on tomorrow to be in a better mood so we can have some fun together….
My children usually say that’s okay mummy we love you which fills my love cup up again that tomorrow is a fresh start at a happier day in our house.
We all have bad days but it’s how you react to them which make them better or worse… We are all human and just doing the best we can do, how you teach your children to deal with their emotions will surely help them through life…
We also need to show some consideration back the other way if we can have grumpy days children should be allowed to right?
I can’t say my children tell me to stop being so grumpy, yet what possesses me to say it to them and that be okay? Let’s let our children be humans too they should really get more consideration we have had years to learn how to control our emotions and they are only just beginning….

Let’s work together with our children and show understanding to each other’s moods and feelings.

I would love to know what you do when your having a bad day in your house (or your children) and how you parent at the same time…any lifesaving tips and tricks are always greatly appreciated…. Please Contact Me
Otherwise some food for thought,
Talk to you soon,
Love Kimberley



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