Have you ever stopped

and listened to your daily responses to your #children and notice you are caught on the NO TRAIN??

Or perhaps that is just me?

  • I have been more in tune lately after realizing our life was at rush station and have actively been trying to listen to myself during our everyday interactions, i’m not gonna lie I was actually really saddened by my brushing off of my #children and their creative ideas and their passion to have FUN and create and EXPLORE and here’s grumpy old mum ruining it left right and centre….


child with cake plate
backed for mum and dad

On that note one of my new parenting goals for myself is to say No less…

  • “mum can we please turn the tap on outside?”, NO because you just got dressed I don’t want to wash anymore clothes,
  • “mum can we bake?”, NO I just cleaned the kitchen and I don’t want to do anymore dishes,
  • “mum can we paint?” NO because I really can’t be bothered cleaning up anymore and you have your nice clothes on,
  • “mum mum mum” trying to tell me something; “ NOT right now mummy and daddy are talking” (which happens way too much in our house sadly).

Kids are singing and laughing (LOUDLY) guys can you be quiet it’s too loud…

ARGHHHHHHHH I feel like my #children are just hearing NO NO NO constantly…

NOW put yourself in their shoes, walk around a little bit?

  • I am going to say NO less,
  • I AM going to listen MORE,
  • I am going to get back with the passion that is PLAYING with my beautiful three energetic humans… and just BE in the moment MORE!!
Say more YES

I’m not saying they can do everything and anything but innocent childhood fun should be able to be explored, I remember playing in the mud, water fights huts in the haybarn some of my favourite memories….

Which leaves me to ponder I wonder what memories my #children will cherish? Or will they just see me as mum the grouch ekkkk I surely hope not… Better get to it then huh…

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