PARENTING…WELL all good in theory much harder in real life when you are holding down a Self Employed business, have school pickup drop offs, kindergarten pick up drop offs, a husband that study’s full time, dabbling in home businesses, not to mention the VERY neglected house and the biggest mount washmore that you ever did see AND three rambunctious #children….


  • Well let’s just say life and stress got in the way and I really started to notice that we were living in a permanent RUSH like from the moment we got up, to the moment we went to bed, and I have watched my #children’s behaviour start to shift and mirror mine yelling, impatience and becoming highly strung…GUILT SET IN FOR ME!

As time goes on I could not get it out of my mind… that their little minds, their behaviour their attitudes are growing too and am I doing what I can to nurture this?? I am in no way claiming I’m going to be Mary Poppins DEFINITELY NOT life is busy stress creeps up and no parent is perfect

  • but if I can make small changes throughout our days, make more time to SIT and BE with my #children then I will be one happy mama.

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