Just reading. Out loud. Every night. 

Read with your child
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And here’s what I want you to know: You should definitely, absolutely, without any question read aloud to your kids. All the time. And not just when they’re little.

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1. It’s time spent together. Reading time is time when you’re focusing on no one else and nothing else but them.

2. It’s a conversation starter. Books always give us a reason to talk with each other

3. It’s a great way to talk about emotional health. We talk about the things that happen in the stories, how we would feel if they happened to us

4. It’s a great way to honor the individuality in your children. I read different things to my daughter than I do to my son. We go to the bookstore and they pick out books about topics about which they are interested.

5. You can open up new worlds for your kids. Reading allows you to introduce your kids to things that their school curriculum just doesn’t have the time or perhaps even the interest to cover.

6. You get a wealth of information on where your children might need help.  Through reading aloud to my children I’ve been able to teach them the meaning of words they still didn’t understand. They have better vocabularies.

Reading is awesome, and even better, it’s accessible to all through our country’s public library system.

So please, get out there and read to your babies and, most importantly, don’t quit.

What is your opinion? 
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