Welcome to my very first blog

ekkkkk it’s a little nerve racking writing to say the least, but at the end of the day this is my journey as a mother and I am starting this blog to rekindle my passion for connecting with my #children and #family on a deeper level and slowing down our hectic rushed life to focus on what is really important.



Sometimes I feel guilty

as my first child had all the attention in the world… long slow walks exploring nature counting every flower, talking about every creature spotted an ongoing open ended learning experience full of love and meaningful learning and interactions.

If you have gathered by now a little something about me is I’m actually an Early #Childhood Teacher (yip big old degree lying around the house somewhere possibly in an unpacked box).

Rekindling a Passion for being an Engaged Parent

  • I always envisioned the mother I was going to be… magical and utterly happy growing my #children to be confident in their selves and competent in their abilities with a wonder for all of the beautiful things the world possesses…

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