The power of purposeful praise

Praise can be a powerful resource when used in a purposeful way.
  • If #children constantly receive broad praise they will never see areas where they could use #development or motivate themselves to develop.
  • Children also need to learn how to self motivate and accept lack of success so they learn how to adapt and cope and make improvements without viewing themselves as a failure.

As tennis coaches of school aged #children we are constantly exposed to #children who find it a challenge to not be the winner of a friendly game, this has in turn made us realize we want our children to be able to accept a win or loss both gracefully and motivate themselves to work harder.

As an Early Childhood Teacher we constantly praised #children but I quickly learnt to praise in a less broader form eg.

purposeful praise

  • you are amazing to;
  • I’m proud of you for trialing different way to find the answer.
  • Good Boy to;
  • Wow I like the way you used your initiative to pick up those toys it shows you respect our classroom. It reiterates what you are proud of and they know exactly what it is they are praised for.

Perseverance and self motivation

are a pretty great attributes to get through schooling years and take into future jobs as well as life.


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