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If you have a child who can see no value in his coursework, then sometimes it’s best to put the focus on the act of learning.

Motivate And Learning Together
  • The goal and focus should be on learning how to learn – not just the grade. 
  • For instance, even if the subject is not appealing, learning how to master reading complex material, or doing research on a subject, or memorizing certain information, can be related to skills he will need to pursue his other interests and can become the main challenge.
  • Collaborate with him to set school goals that are attainable and that he truly buys in to. 
  • This may mean letting go of some of your expectations and desires, but chances are that it’s not your wishes that motivate him anyway.
  • Help him prove to himself that he can do what it takes to achieve in any arena.
Helping Your Child with her homework


  • It’s not easy to pull back and allow kids to have space to discover the impact of their decisions. But sometimes, this is where the most important developmental growth happens.
  • Try to keep in mind: doors are rarely closed forever. There are many late bloomers in life. And there are many others who took unique pathways and became incredibly successful once they had direction. 
  • Keep a strong, supportive relationship with your child so you can be there when they need you.

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