Inspiring kids to playing outdoor games isn’t easy anymore.

When they have such entertaining stuff like video games and the internet at home, why would they want to step out at all?

activities For Kids
Outdoor Games And Activities For Kids  WATCH OUR VIDEO   #FamilyInMotion

Engaging outdoor games and activities for kids.

  • Digging dinos

An adventure from the past, with a modern twist, makes it a perfect garden game for kids.

An adventure from the past   #FamilyInMotion

How to play:

  1. Dig up some mud from the backyard of your house, or any outdoor play area.
  2. Place the toy bones in the mud, and shovel it well.
  3. Smoothen the rough edges from the ground, so that the kids cannot figure out where they are hidden.
  4. Now, give the shovel(s) to your kids and ask them to find out the dinosaur bones.
  •  Freeze or laugh

An ideal childhood game with a twist, freeze or laugh is known by different names.

Freeze or laugh
Freeze or Laugh   #FamilyInMotion

How to play:

  1. One player will be ‘It’, and he or she will take each of the other players by their hands and spin them around.
  2. Just as ‘It’ stops, the player will freeze as he or she lands and retains that posture.
  3. Once everyone is a statue, ‘It’ will enter their madhouse and try to make the kids laugh.
  4. ‘It’ cannot touch any of the kids.
  5. The first kid to giggle or laugh will be the next ‘It’.

Ghosts in the graveyard

Play this in the night to achieve the maximum fun and excitement.

Ghosts in the graveyard
Ghosts in the graveyard   #FamilyInMotion

How to play:

  1. One kid will be the ghost and will remain hidden.
  2. If the game is being played at night, give kids some torches.
  3. The rest of the players will count numbers for the ghost to hide somewhere.
  4. Once the ghost is securely hidden to find a prey, the other kids will join arms and walk.
  5. The players will chant something, for sprucing up the ambiance. Something like: “Star light, star bright, hope I see a ghost tonight.”
  6. This chant is the signal for the ghost to now attack.
  7. The ghost can pop out anytime, and then it’s a straight game of tagging.
  8. As soon as the kids see the ghost, they’ll have to run back to not get tagged.
  9. The ghost will have to tag someone to be the next ghost before all of them escape.

Chalk way Picasso

For this activity, all your kid will need is a couple of chalks and a lot of imagination.

Chalk way Picasso
Chalk way Picasso   #FamilyInMotion

How to play:

  1. Give your kids color chalks of their choice.
  2. They can draw any pattern or figure they like, from a snake-n-ladder road game to long waves and a beach in the middle of the park paths. But make sure the paths are not busy with people.
  3. Have a group of children unleash their creativity, to make this activity more interesting.

Kick the can

Apart from kick and fun, it also gives your child a good physical exercise.

Kick the can
Kick the Can   SEE  WHAT  WIKIPEDIA  HAS  TO  SAY   #FamilyInMotion

How to play:

  1. Find a bench or seating area that will serve as the jail.
  2. One player will be It, who will challenge the other players to hide, and guard a can.
  3. It has to find the hidden kids. Once It deciphers where a player is hiding, It will call out the name along with the hiding place.
  4. If It is correct, the player has to come out and get “jailed”.
  5. All the players will be called like this and jailed.
  6. When It is busy finding the hidden players, one of the players should come out and hit the can.
  7. It has to stop the player from kicking by running after him and saving the can.
  8. If the player kicks the can successfully, all of the jailers will be freed.
  9. If not, the first player to come out will be the next It.

Once they begin playing outdoors, children get so involved in them that they just want to continue playing forever.

Please let us know what you playing outdoor with your kids.

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