Family’s Health Benefits and Tips

 Green Time for Life Time It is the perfect time to incorporate some important valuable organics into a healthy life If you’re looking to add more Health to Your Life? With Vital Tinder fungus, Wild garlic, Nettle seeds, Micro...

Life after Separation

No more a Partner
Not an easy topic for anyone. Divorce or separation for that matter is never easy and a lot of people seem to underestimate the complications involved. Assets you share or kids you might have. It is a high statistic in this country and the world and the question begs to be asked whether just more...

Think very carefully about your finances Part 6

Make a Plan
Think very carefully about your finances Monitor your business There are endless ways you can take charge of your financial situation, whether you hire an accountant who has experience with self-employed people, or you take a DIY approach and...

What niche do you want to work in? Part4

Hard work to find a Niche
Once you know what you are wanting to offer, you need to decide who you are offering it to. See what Wikipedia has to say. Start small. The more focused your niche, they better success you will have through the first few years of your ...

Think about a business plan Part3

Study to have a Business
Before you can start finding clients and building your network, you'll need to create a realistic, tangible business plan that will help guide you. Don't get bogged down by the traditional "business plan" formatting and requirements. What we really mean here is that you need ...



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