Do you have a child that is into something wayyyyyyy out of your knowledge or comfort zone?

I was always a sports person, any sports, lots of sports… my daughter although good at sports too absolutely loves singing.

I on the other hand have zero skills in this area my family still mock me about my lack of singing skills as a child which forced me to mime every single singing activity all through my schooling years…When I enrolled to become an early childhood teacher I most definitely was challenged as you do have to sing YES SING arghhhh my worst nightmare.

I still remember my first placement, first time taking a group time and having to sing in from of 30 children and their parents I serious could of died from shock and fear….

Now I cope by singing in a stupid voice to over compensate haha but I have learnt over the years kids have absolutely no care in the world if you cant sing the fact that you are spending time with them and making singing fun is all that matters to them which is pretty fabulous if only us as adults were as non judgmental in life and just see the light in the situation.

  • My husband on the other hand is a beautiful singer (obviously gets her skills from him) but is still to shy to sing in front of people but if full of regret that he didn’t pursue any singing at a younger age as its something he absolutely adores doing…
  • Any ways back to my little ray of sunshine my 8 year old. She had been asking us for singing lessons for agggges but we were always so hectic with businesses we never got around to finding her a sing school.
  • Well a term in last night she sang a solo, on a stage in front of a crowd using a microphone for the first time ever.
  • She seems so cool calm and collect on the day had to be there 3 hours early for rehearsal… she was like ya can just drop me off I’ll run in. Ummm hold the phone when did you grow up so much?? As I left I felt literally terrified for her for three hours until she stepped on stage with out a shake of nervousness and sang for the first time let’s just say mum, dad and grammar were all ugly crying in utter proudness that she could stand up there and do her thing so effortlessly.

  • Don’t get me wrong she has already picked apart her performance and where she made mistakes but is already aping for the next concert where she can have another go at nailing her singing even better. I’m not sure if her dedication and persistence is anything I have grown into her or she has miraculously been born with the gift of giving everything she’s interested in her all.
  • If only we all had the confidence to pursue our passions and positively critique our skills in order to perfect them. I AM ONE PROUD MAMA to this little lady and the person she is becoming…

What is your experience with your lovely kids? Please send me a short story.




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