1.tried-and-true lifestyle tip

Productivity often comes in waves, with days or weeks of focus and progress.

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Prepare for your day the night before.

Pull together your workout gear, work clothes, shoes, lunch, books, packages to mail, etc. before you go to bed. Pack your bags as much as you can and program the coffeemaker to turn on when you get up. When you get everything ready to go for the next day before you go to bed, you’ll have a much calmer morning because you can get up and go. You’ll have less to think about, you won’t run around looking for things, and you won’t waste precious time trying to remember what you need to take with you for the day.

What Wikipedia Has To Say

  • It’s always a good idea to look at your upcoming calendar, too. Knowing what appointments and calls you have scheduled tomorrow will help you be mentally prepared for them.
  • I like to make a list of the most important things I need to do the next day and compare that to what’s on my calendar so I can work around whatever I have going on that day.

Preparing ahead of time will help you start your day in a calmer place, one of control.

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