A few things you can do in the first year

 Never give up on each other


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  1. Talk about finances: Chalk out the expenses and share the financial burden. Even if both or just one of you is working, plan your monthly expenditure rather than spending money arbitrarily and going broke before the month ends. If there are any outstanding loans, huge credit card debts, unstable jobs or any probable financial crisis, be transparent about them with your partner.
  1. Plan the pregnancy: Parenthood is magical but it comes with great responsibility and an added financial burden. Therefore, assess the family income, your career plans, and familial support you are likely to get, before planning your pregnancy. Schedule an appointment with the doctor, and learn about the pros and cons before bringing a new life into your world.
  1. Express your expectations: Most marriages hit a low either when the expectations from your spouse are too high or when they are not communicated clearly. Hence, to avoid any conflicts, share your expectations with them and have a clear understanding of theirs.
If you like your partner, you will find ways to solve problems.   See What Wikipedia Has To Say
  1. Understand the importance of small gestures: Simple acts such as showing affection through your body language, being proactive, and helping each other with the household chores go a long way in bringing joy to the marriage.
  1. Show respect and be responsible: Respect each other and your extended families. Even if there is a difference of opinion, express it politely and by being respectful. Be responsible for all your actions.
  1. Do not compete for superiority: Marriage is a relationship between two equals. Neither of you should think that you are superior to your partner. Be accommodative and respect your partner’s views.
  1. Strive to become your partner’s strength: The first year of marriage is the transition period for all couples when they undergo infinite changes. Hence be supportive, calm and patient with your spouse. Husband and wife must become the strength of each other.
  1. Don’t keep a score: Tracking the fights or favours is a very bad idea. Simple. It’s not going to help your relationship in any way but will spoil it in the long run.
Nurture the relationship
  1. Nurture the relationship: Spend quality time with each other and pay attention to details. Comfort your spouse in tough times and show them that you are there, no matter what life throws at you. It is important to connect with each other and your spouse must be your priority.
  1. Communicate: Chat, talk, express. Share your thoughts honestly. We cannot stress enough on the importance of communication. Marriage is a relationship where the partners must be able to talk about anything to everything with each other. There are no barriers or limitations. Talking is the best exercise to improve a marriage.
  1. Give space: It is important to spend a lot of time together but it is equally important to know when to leave your partner alone or give them the desired space. Your spouse may want to have their lone time to reflect on their thoughts, relax or spend time with their friends. Let them have what they want.

The battle is half won if a couple has vowed to never give up on each other.

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A good time for the whole family.


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