So I am making a stand

  • I am going to say NO less,
  • I AM going to listen MORE,
  • I am going to get back with the passion that is PLAYING with my beautiful three energetic humans… and just BE in the moment MORE!!

I’m not saying they can do everything and anything but innocent childhood fun should be able to be #explored, I remember playing in the mudwater fights huts in the hay barn some of my favourite memories….

Which leaves me to ponder I wonder what #memories my #children will cherish? Or will they just see me as mum the grouch ekkkk I surely hope not… Better get to it then huh…

Kids happiness
Full of Joy

Whats life without laughter and freedom to be yourself?

  • At the end of the day I want my #children to grow up with kindness, empathy, love and a passion for exploring life instead of already being exposed to life’s constant negativity… What if we all nurtured our minis?? Grew their self-worth?? Self-confidence?? Ensured they know and feel a valued as part of your family and community and society, where their ideas and identities are celebrated…. Could we #growhappier communities and happier humans ?

Food for thought…. All I know is I surely want this for my three amazing little minis…

THEY ARE FREE TO BE THEMSELVES AND FIND THEIR OWN WAY IN THE WORLD (with a super supportive mum standing beside them). What attributes do you want to see shine out of your #children??

Stealing Their Joy?  LEARN MORE


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