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The Magic of Puff Painting

What child doesn’t love a bit of #magic in their art creations, this is just bit of a twist on the old #everydaypainting but adds in some fun science concepts as well as a pretty magic 3D result with their pictures in the end which is always a bit special.

My Creations
The new Creation Starts Here

All you need to make your #puffpaint is:

(Amounts to make one small bowl as per #ourvideo so double up or triple up on amounts if you have more children involved)

  1. Some little bowls or jars (one for each colour our whipping up)
  2. A tablespoon of Self raising flour
  3. A tablespoon of Salt
  4. Food colouring of your choice
  5. And lastly some water (I just keep adding small amounts until it is a yogurt like constancy).
  6. Paintbrushes or cotton buds to create their pictures with
  7. Cardboard (I find is easier to manage as it needs to be carried to the microwave)
  8. Microwave

If an 8 year old and a 4 year old can make it anyone can RECIPE IN ACTION HERE

Mix all your ingredients up as provided until right consistency and get painting.

After they complete their creations you can talk to them about what might happen if they put them in the microwave and why they think that might happen and how it might happen. It is a great process experience from start till end to get their little braining thinking. We microwave for 30 seconds max and VOILA some 3D art for your child to be proud of. (I always insist on the safety talk re:microwaves that they are not to use without an adult or to put miscellaneous items in etc. depends on the age of your child obviously.)

Take time to share your passions with your child

We would love to her how your child enjoyed the experience of puff painting, what questions and/or reactions did they have?



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