Not an easy topic for anyone.

Divorce or separation for that matter is never easy and a lot of people seem to underestimate the complications involved. Assets you share or kids you might have. It is a high statistic in this country and the world and the question begs to be asked whether just more work needs to be done by both parties to keep the relationship strong.

We might think seeing our parents or even better grandparents who have stood the test of time that it was just easier in the old days or maybe there were some unspoken rules that both parties just knew and accepted.

Most importantly and the best advice I can provide is, work on self compassion and mindfulness. Loving yourself first with all your flaws (as no one is perfect) will radiate love towards others around you. Be in the moment, smile full heartedly and live life to the fullest.

Hope this article helped you. If it did, please let me know.

Thanks Oliver

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