With an attention span that is so short, how do we teach toddlers anything at all? 

Learning Activities
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Here we have compiled a list of toddler learning activities 

that are so much fun, your toddler will be more than up for them.

1.Theme The Day

Select a letter of the day, say P. Let the whole day have little activities spread through the day focusing on the letter.

  • You can make food themed around P – pasta, use vegetables – pea, use colors – pink and the like.
  • Let the toddler trace the structure of P or make models using play dough.
  • Within no time, your toddler will effortlessly learn the alphabet!

 2.Beans And More

This learning activity for toddlers is one of the easy ways to keep them engaged for longer hours. Take a marker and write alphabet, numbers, shapes, etc on the beans.

  • Let your toddler sort them into groups.
  • For more fun, provide your darling with glue and ask him to stick the ordered beans on chart paper.
  • The activity may get little sticky, but it can glue your toddler for hours.

3. Bake It Through

Dough, along with measuring spoons and cups, can be used to teach your toddler about measurements.

  • While your toddler learns the perfect recipe for the simplest muffin, he also learns about capacity, thus some mathematics!
  • You can also teach him about the goodness of ingredients used in a muffin.
  • Once baked, help him to decorate muffins with his name. One muffin for one letter of his name. Now who says no to customized muffins?
Learning Activities
Learning Activities   SEE  WHAT   WIKIPEDIA   HAS  TO  SAY

4. Emotions Board

We all know how important it is to have a healthy way of handling emotions – recognizing them, expressing them and more. What better way than inculcating shapes too in the learning process?

  • Use basic shapes to twist and turn them around to teach emotions to your toddler.
  • A half circle can be a smiley. Turn it upside down, and it can be a frown!
  • Encourage your kid to make his own emotion.

5. Routine Management

Discipline is something that parents struggle to teach their toddlers. To make your kid follow basic rules without fussing around, try using colorful time tables.

  • Hang this time table where your kid can see it every day and use it to jot down his behavior.
  • Post smiley stickers, and 2 stickers for extremely good behavior! This way your toddler will learn where and when he is right or wrong in his conduct.
  • Every time your kid follows a rule without being told or reminded of, appreciate him. In no time, you will notice a positive difference in the child.

These are the most fun and easiest ways we could think of to keep your toddler happy.

You have more interesting Ideas? We are happy if you share them with us.

Oliver & Kim

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