Behavioral problems and effective solutions for 6 – 9 Year-Kids

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Typical School-Age Kid Behavior

  • No longer a “little kid” and not yet able to keep up with the “big kids,” your school-age child’s behavior is likely to reflect a transitional period of development.
  • By and large, school-age kids are able to demonstrate prolonged concentration and will have greater patience when facing obstacles and setbacks. Their attention spans will be longer as well as their ability to focus on multiple activities

Common Challenges

  • Along with the wonderful milestones your school-age child will meet, there is also the less-pleasant emergence of common behavior problems for this age group.
  • While child-discipline issues, such as defiance and back talk, may have cropped up at earlier ages in a child, these behaviors take on an entirely more challenging aspect as children become older, more verbal, and more independent.
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Discipline Strategies That Work

  • Praise good behavior – Provide genuine praise for your child’s efforts and you’ll boost her confidence. Use praise to encourage her to keep trying, study hard, and do her best. Rather than saying, “Great job getting a 100 on your test,” say, “Good job studying so hard.”
  • Place your child in time-out – School-age kids aren’t too old for time-out. It can be a good consequence when your child needs to cool off or when she’s refusing to follow instructions.
  • Use ‘Grandma’s rule of discipline’ – A subtle change in the way you word your phrases turn a consequence into a reward. Rather than saying, “You can’t ride your bike because your room is a mess,” say, “You can ride your bike as soon as your room is clean.” Then, your child will learn he can earn privileges by making good choices.
  • Provide logical consequences – Use consequences that are directly related to your child’s offense. If your child refuses to get off the computer when you tell her to do so, take away her computer privileges for 24 hours

Please tell us what your strategies are. 

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