Starting kindergarten is filled with many challenges for little children.

Kindergarten problems
Starting kindergarten  SEE  WHAT  WIKIPEDIA  HAS  TO  SAY   #FamilyInMotion

Don’t be surprised if one day your child announces, “I’m not going to kindergarten.”

Kindergarten problems
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You will need to provide your child with support as she takes this huge developmental leap Here are some strategies that will ease her transition.

1. When he says he does not want to go to kindergarten. Ask him what he is afraid will happen at kindergarten. If he says there will be no one to take him to the bathroom. Reassure him that there will be teachers to help him with whatever he needs.

2. Try to arrange a play date for her with a child who will be in her new class before school begins.

3. Tell him there will be toys, free play, yard time and lunch. Using dolls or action figures, play out a day at kindergarten.

4. Address her ambivalence about getting older, directly. Convey excitement about the new things she will learn in kindergarten and suggest to friends and relatives that they de-emphasize how big she is.

5. If your child wants to be held like a baby, it is fine to indulge him. Avoid making a big issue about such regressive behaviors. When your child has adjusted to school, they will disappear.

6. Keep in mind that you are also going through a separation process. You may not be able to walk your child to his classroom each day or chat with the teacher as frequently. After a short time you and your child will adjust to these changes. You can comfort yourself by keeping in mind that with each step forward your child takes, you get something in return. Soon you will have the pleasure of watching your child become more independent and develop exciting reading and writing skills.

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