At such a vulnerable time, it is but natural for kids to feel awkward in social situations.

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  • Teenagers want to have an identity of their own. They tend to look up to role models at home or outside.
  • Adolescents also start thinking about what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ and question your take on certain things.
  • They need time to understand and get comfortable with their sexuality. Girls and boys start experiencing ‘weird’ feelings towards the other sex and may not know what to do about it.
  • This is the time they start dating. Your adolescent may not be comfortable talking to you about it and may go with little information or misinformation they have about it.
  • Competition is another important aspect of a teenager’s social life. Your child may compete with her peers in about anything and everything. Their spirit of competition speaks a lot about their perception of self – whether they have a positive self-esteem or a negative one.
  • Sexual feelings and thoughts of sex may seem wrong to an adolescent, because of which they may feel guilty.
  • Their social circle expands during this time as they seem occupied interacting with friends on social media sites, through their phone and outside.
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Here is how you can deal with social problems of adolescence –

  • Dating, romance, and sex are delicate issues that your teenager may not be comfortable talking about. Don’t make it more awkward for your child. Be confident and rational when discussing the subject.
  • Your child may seem to spend more time outside than with you. Accept that your adolescents are discovering a whole new world. Just let them know you are there when they need you.
  • Sharing your dating and social life experiences in school can put them at ease sometimes.

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