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It can give you a job quickly as expected.

Internship is a way to consider  Watch Our Video


  • This is particularly a good option if you’re taking our suggestion from tip number four on board, and trying out some uncharted territory within the job market. If a position is unfamiliar, it’s important you get a chance to try it out before you decide if it’s for you.
  • At Save the Student, we’re against unpaid internships as we’re of the belief that no one should have to work for free, but use your own judgement on this one: If you think you’d benefit from getting a bit of work experience before deciding if a certain career is the right path for you, maybe offering to do a month unpaid at a nice company would work well.
  • However, know your rights when it comes to internships, as unfortunately some companies will take advantage of young people looking to kick-start their career by making them work a full-time position without paying up.
  • Paid internships are really common these days, and although they don’t pay much, you will pick up invaluable skills, experience, and contacts relating directly to your preferred business and industry that will be extremely useful later. Either that, or if the position goes particularly well you might even get a job out of it!


You have to find the right Recruiter  Watch Our Video

Recruitment agency

  • Finding work through an agency can be a good choice, particularly if you find the whole idea of selling yourself particularly tough – recruiters are paid to do that bit for you!
  • Recruitment agencies regularly and actively search for work on your behalf, so this of course can lighten the burden a bit if you’re finding trawling for jobs particularly tiresome, and it can bag you a job quicker than expected.
  • However, while there are big positives, do be aware that temp work sourced by recruitment agencies can often involve a whole lot of licking envelopes for minimum wage, and nothing more inspiring.
Go creative ways to find the right job.  See What Wikipedia Has To Say

If you decide it’s not for you, then that’s something valuable you’ve learned for life.

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