Don’t get me wrong I #LOVE a tidy neat and sparkly home

but at the end of the day do you remember what your house looked like as a small child I surely don’t… is it important??

Obviously we need to maintain some kind of cleanliness possibly ensure everyone has undies, is watered and fed but perfectly lined books from small to large is that really important (this is from me by the way ridiculous huh?) I’m sure to our #children reading these books with them or playing creative, happy games is much more important and meaningful then how they are stacked.

Children #love people to be present and engage with them

(on that note don’t we all?) trying to have a conversation with people on their phone is frustrating we have all been there… Did you feel empowered? Valued? I sure as heck didn’t… Social media has such a huge role in society these days sometimes we forget that those little vulnerable eyes are watching our every move and learning how to communicate with others, how to interact from us. WE ARE THE ROLE MODELS… How scary is that!

  • I sure as heck want my #children to see how to truly connect with people, how to treat others and have an idea on what the truly important things are in life.
  • SO I am going to focus back on QUALITY time down at my child’s level engaging in things that make them sparkle, that ignite their fire of curiosity and just try my darndest to sprinkle their lives with more love laughter and family happiness.

more love laughter and family happiness

So I am inviting you to come along with me and join me on my journey

as share the ups and downs and ponder how I can bring back the joy and create more calm in our life as well as some fun learning and messy creative experiences along the way….

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