Should to much sweets be tightly controlled?

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Should kids have free reign and eat as much as they want?

Here are a few pieces of advice when it comes to handling sweets.

  1. For young toddlers, sweets shouldn’t be part of the regular diet at all. In fact, if you can hold off on introducing them until after age two, you’ll get a head start on helping your child develop preferences for healthier food.
  2. Staying away from sweets is really hard, especially as children get older. This is one reason you may get frustrated with them –they’re everywhere and trying to control them is impossible. This is why you need a plan for sweets at home.
  3. Kids are naturally drawn to sweets, so it isn’t their fault if they like them. It’s not your fault either, unless you don’t have a strategy or policy in place to manage them well. Don’t blame your child (or yourself) if he likes sweets, rather accept it as a natural part of the childhood nutrition experience. That said, develop your sweets strategy!
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  1. You can make sweets a part of your everyday life, or not. I always had a “no sweets during the school week” rule, and let my kids have more liberty with them on the weekends.
  2. Sweets don’t always have to equal sugary foods. How about a bowlful of fruit with a dollop of vanilla yogurt? Or a piece of peanut butter toast with a few chocolate chips perched on top? The point is, “dessert” doesn’t have to be drenched in sugar.

Helping your child try new food, whether he is a new eater, picky eater, or extremely picky eater.

Please let us know what you are doing to reduce the sugar consume of your child.

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