Muhahahaha did i get you with that title?

I hate to break it to you but I’m not really going to tell you about our real life #toilettroubles but we will talk toilets!!!

One must always own a classy toilet squirting in your face game…

Great Fun
My Childrens Greatest Fun

(In this case #ToiletTrouble is your game by Hasbro)

  • Skylar was over the moon her Aunty let her choose her own #birthdaypresent for her 8th birthday from Farmers (NZ) … insert cringing mother slinking off to let Aunty deal with the…impending doom of the “what about this toy” ($1000 price tag) “or this toy” ($1000000 price tag).
  • I may or may not have been praying for #somethingeducational but seriously pffffttt dreams are free we all know that never happens… An over excited face opened her bag which started the uncontrollable giggles and she yanked out a small toilet…. I smiled, and eye balled my sister in law giving her one of those “thanks a bunch smiles through gritted teeth”.

As we got home the game was out and set up for the family faster than I could get into the door, true skylar style it HAD to be videoed because apparently toilets are the most hilarious thing in the world ( possibly more so for a 4 year old boy they always seen to like everything to do with toilet noises… or is that just my 4 year old boy?)… They #setitupforeveryone to join in no one was escaping this game…. And it was #asimplegame that even our two year old could get amongst and grasp the concept of which was quite nice as most of our games are a little beyond her years but she is so independent she would give monopoly a crack if ya let her run wild.

This toilet did bring much laughter and silliness and could be played by us all adults and children together (you probably wouldn’t add it to your adult #boardgames night although you could it could bring a giggle or two depending on what was in your glass ) in regards to the #educationalcontent I suppose it teaches you to count to three and that’s a life skill but I’m pretty sure it is made to bring laughter to little faces… and to be honest anything that makes my children smile and bring us together as a family is quite okay in my books (cheesy much? But you know it’s true).

Got this game at home? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below I can always use a laugh…

And don’t forget to take time to laugh today,

with love Kimberley….   More Ideas to enjoi

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