Collage Frames

This is such a fun open-ended activity and can be adapted and used in so many ways… and can be extended by letting your children take part in collecting the items for the experience.

You could even go for a nature walk as a family making it even more of a special activity or if time is an issue or you are dying to get your children entertained so you ca have a cuppa tea then sent them off on a scavenger hunt around your section and/or house to find things they could use.

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Nature Collage Frames


  • Some old frames we had some sitting around with broken glass so took the glass out and used them…but you could take glass out of a current photo frame also and pop back in after what ever floats your boat and you have on hand.
  • A collection of treasure found by your children eg stones, leaves, flowers, sticks, shells, feathers or small items from around the house this is what is fun about this one it is open for interpretation.
  • An imagination

Pop on over to see it in action here… easy, creative, “MESS FREE” fun… WIN WIN!

I like to set up our treasures in an accessible way either on a platter or in a divided server, I especially like this activity as there is no right or wrong way children get to create their own masterpieces without a plan which means they can be proud of whatever they create.

The Best Collage Frames Creation
The Best Creation

It also opens up lots of language opportunities for you and your child if they don’t already show an eagerness to tell you about what they have created it’s a great time to say wow I can see you have been busy creating can you tell me about your picture, don’t be afraid to ask open ended questions  that get them thinking and describing their art creations….

We would love to hear what you used in your frames, let us know in the comments below…

Have fun creating,  With Love Kimberley

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