Do you do everything for your children?

I don’t know if it’s the teacher in me or the seeing the state of some of the university student life skills in the past that makes me even more passionate about creating independent humans ready to take on the world and know they can cope and adapt with what life throws at them.

As much as it makes you giggle when you university flatmate has no idea how to cook pasta or turn the oven on I would like to know I’m sending my mini me’s out into the word with skills to look after themselves (at least cook a meal of pasta to survive haha).

  • I constantly encourage my children to give new things a go making sure I take the time to show them first, after I show then I’m big on supporting then while they challenge themselves I always feel it’s nice to know someone’s got your back  weather you fail or succeed knowing your supported without judgement gives you an extra sense of power…

My children are involved in everything from the time they get up they are in charge of their rooms and beds even our three year old gives making her bed a good crack (lucky she has a tidy brother who shares a room that helps her probably wouldn’t happen if he didn’t share a room and like his space tidy)… they pour their own breakfast, even our three year old who sometimes need a little support with a full milk bottle otherwise she keeps up with the best of them,

  • they can bring their dishes up from the table,
  • help make lunch boxes,
  • empty their bags,
  • help with dinner (cutting, preparing and cooking),
  • love to bake,
  • help empty dishwashers.

Baking Solo: Learning how to follow instructions, tidy up and accept success and failure. This was a batch of cookies she was adamant she followed the recipe to a tee. She laughed as it didn’t work out and said oh well I’ll read more carefully next time and she served up her flat cookie slice without fear of judgement (it was actually ridiculously tasty) #familyinmotion

I don’t do it to lighten my load because in all honesty it takes bit if not quite a bit longer to do it, but my heart thinks it’s so worth it so they learn respect for all the things that need to be done around a house and that home runs better if everyone plays their part, we aren’t just a family we are a team that support each other…  We all eat, play and sleep here so we can all take part in the running of our ship together (there future partners will hopefully thank me in the long run too).

What responsibilities do you children have and what is important in your home when it comes to creating independent children?? I would love to hear more… Let me know below…


Kim & Oliver


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