I’m not sure if its just me that is constantly in a state of #guilt?

In a state of guilt?
In a state of guilt?

Whether is mum guilt, or wife #guilt? Or working guilt or not working guilt, or I devoured a whole block of chocolate in ten minutes before my kids could see guilt… neither the less there is a lot of guilt.

  • Man the stuff that rolls around in my head is endless how does one fit in two full time businesses ? (and how to grow them?), three kids and ALL THEIR NEEDS
  • and extracurricular activities (the list goes on and on and on), washing, house work, cooking (the healthier the better), exercising (so you can role model being a healthy person)
  • oh wait you should probably get some time for yourself so that you can recharge your energy (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA like that happens),
  • get kids to bed at a decent hour (pffftttt rarely that ever that works).
  • WAIT don’t forget quality time with your children making memories (this is actually my favourite thing to do it’s the other things that I’d rather not).
  • That’s a whole lotta stuff in one small amount of a day…. And I’m probably missing a bazillion other things from the mix.
  • Are we superhuman and my powers are faulty?

If we lack in any of these areas, we judge ourselves…but to be honest if you lined up your list it really is ridiculous, and you probably need a small army to conquer the amounts of stuff we place on our to do list.
Why do we do it to ourselves as mums (parents/caregivers?), do you beat yourself up if you don’t get everything done? Are you aging by the minute or is that just me? What can we do to release ourselves from the #guilt?
Seriously I’m not giving advice I’m just actually curious what do you do to bring some zen into your life? Let me know in the comments below so I can adopt some of your magical calming practices…
I personally find exercising a great release but have to pump the music to drown out the noise of the guilt that I should be doing something else instead of being selfish, but I’m the long run is it not worthwhile to fill your own cup up too?

As they say you can’t fill others cups up if yours is empty…

I am calling some truth in this!! I hit a wall, I cracked I have to adapt my list to prioritize and not beat myself up if I don’t achieve EVERYTHING in a day…
  • If you want a cleaner and can afford one, get one

  • If you need time out from your children, take the time

  • Want to go back to work, get out there

So many mums get slack for such decisions and about a million more, there is way to much mum shaming and judgement these days it can seriously make you feel like you aren’t good enough.

No one’s situation is the same, no one is walking in your shoes so screw it only you know what’s best for your family and only you can make those decisions.

Your children will adjust and benefit way more from a happier parent than a guilty one…

My kids take my Attention #familyinmotion
Why not take some time together,

Do what makes you happy and what’s going to suit your family in the long run. Let go of the guilt, do what you gotta do and hold your head up high knowing you are doing the best you can do…and rock it!

I teach my children that they can only do their best, that if they look tired they should have some quiet time read a book chill out on the couch, yet I run around in a constant state of a hundred miles an hour…I am attempting to role model as I say. Teach them to listen to their bodies and minds but it is a working progress… and will always be we are not magical we can only do the best that our bodies and lives allow, look after yourselves people!!
And please fill this burnt out mama in on your tips and tricks for calming the crazy (even a smidge).

I’m happy , if you can share your situation. Don’t hesitate 

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