We absolutely love this experiment as its process somehow makes us believe in MAGIC!! And lets be honest we all want to instil a bit of magic into our children’s days where we can.

This experiment is a fun and inexpensive but also has the wow factor for our children so worth a few drops of milk to see there faces light up.


All you need to do is add a thin layer of milk to the bottom of your dish. Add some drops of food colouring we like to start in the centre but experiment check out the differences. Then dip your cotton bud in the dishwashing liquid then place and hold in the middle of a coloured dot and           VOILA WATCH THE MAGIC HAPPEN……

You can just them explore asking open ended question to get their little braining thinking and as them why they think this is occurring and if your could get all fancy and want to get your science on this may help…..

milk explosion
creating with fun

What is the science behind magic milk?

Milk is made up of mostly water but it does contain vitamins, minerals, proteins and small droplets of fat. The fat and proteins are super sensitive to changes in the milk and so when the dishwashing liquid is added a chemical reaction occurs. The soap and fat work hard to join together, which causes the movement

Whatever you choose they will love this one… And we would love to hear how it went with your kiddiwinks let us know in the comments below!




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