Colour Explosions

Anything vinegar and baking soda is an absolute hit in our house… and we have found many a ways to use it but I do try to incorporate some sneaky fine motor development in, at the same time as exploring science conceptions such as reactions.

“This experience is one where you might just have all the equipment to get going here is a quick rundown on what you need”

  • Shallow trays (well any trays will work)
  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Food colouring
  • Eye droppers from the cheap shop

(TIP: if you don’t have eye droppers on hand you can cut a straw in half pop it into the vinegar then place your finger over the top and hold as you put the straw over the paper and release your finger it will release the solution) this is great for older children to as it extends their fine motor skills as well as problem solving skills and co-ordination.)

With such experiences you can ask questions to stimulate your child’s thinking and reasoning skills e.g. what do you see happening, why do you think it is happening etc. you can delve into the depths of the chemical reaction lesson, what colours are created when they mix the sky is the limit. Or you can grab a cup of coffee set them up and watch the delight as you enjoy your coffee minus the mini human tugging at your legs or his/her brother or sisters hair… All in all it is a super duper fun engaging experience for children of all ages to explore early science concepts and colour explosions.

To check out our COLOUR EXPLOSIONS IN ACTION with Kaz and Oakley pop over to their fun demo

We challenge you to let your kids loose with this experiment, we would love to know what your children thought and how they reacted to their explosions let us know below…


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