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Colored rice has magical abilities did you know that??

You can use it for a tonne of experiences with random stuff you have around your home and kids will spend aggggeeeeessssss exploring it believe me give it a go with them not to mention its pretty gosh darn cost effective and you can pop it in a container and store it for more play later WINNING!!

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This how to dye rice for sensory play recipe is so simple…(and cheap as chips)

  1. Measure 1 Cup of  Rice into a container

  2. Add 1 Teaspoon of Vinegar

  3. Add as much food coloring as desired (for a deeper color add more food coloring)

  4. Cover and SHAKE vigorously for a minute or two (my kids love to do this themselves make sure the lids on tight) 

  5. Check to see if it’s coated well!

  6. Spread on paper towel or plate to dry

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These should all be dry in an hour if you stick to the one cup per paper towel. I find the color is distributed the best this way too. You can experiment with colors and depth of colors just adjust your food coloring amounts to get the desired effect…

Check out our video to see the rice trays in action HERE

I just got my children to collect items that were of interest to them from around the house but you can literally use anything, cookware, tea cups, different size containers and spoons, funnels, animals, vehicles anything and everything work with this experience. We randomly added straws in to see what would happen as long as they are old enough to blow instead of suck on them you’ll be right as rain.

I would love to hear what you used and how your children reacted to this sensory tray fun.

Oliver & Kim


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