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Teach them to be honest

It is normal that children lying

It is common for children to lie. It is common for parents to worry when they catch the kids lying. You may feel betrayed, hurt and even wonder if you can trust the child again.

children lying
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Here is what you should do to prevent your kid from lying.

  • Do not take it personally. Think about it from your child’s perspective to understand what compelled him to lie.
  • Kids may lie when they are scared that the truth might have negative consequences. Appreciate the positives rather than punishing negative behavior to prevent your child’s need for lying.
  • Teach them to be honest. Start by being a role model.
  • Have consequences for lying. No arguments or discussions about it. Your kid lies, he gets to deal with the consequences.
take lying personally
Do not take lying personally  SEE WHAT WIKIPEDIA HAS TO SAY     #FamilyInMotion

When To Get Help

In case abnormal behaviors turn into something unmanageable at home, or if your child is making a mistake repeatedly, it is time for you to see a doctor. There could be a deeper reason for him to behave in a certain way.

What you are doing if your child is lying? 

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