How are you going to motivate your kid to work in school this year? 

No School Motivation – No Future?  Watch Our Video

Kids are under much more pressure academically than they have been in the past. 

Some kids, especially those who struggle with slower processing speed, weaker working memory, and other related struggles, can truly shut down under excess pressure. 

When the brain is stressed excessively, with cognitive demands beyond what one can manage, survival instincts take over.

The reaction is fight, flight or freeze.

Talk And Try To Motivate Your Child  See What Wikipedia Has To Say

What the Parents Can Do?

If you feel you have a resistant child, and your continued pushing is having no positive effect, you may consider trying a different approach.

  • Step One: Breathe. Really – without truly being able to relax the mind and body, it’s impossible to do the next step well. Take three long, deep breaths and find somewhere comfortable to sit. Don’t forget to exhale!
  • Step Two: By asking yourself, and your child, some key questions, you can start to gather information about that will help you map out a road to action.
How Can He Get Motivated ?

Here are some important questions to get you started:

  • What do I know about WHY he doesn’t care?
  • Are the expectations placed on him reasonable, given his level of ability and available support?
  • Does the school environment feel emotionally safe and supportive?
  • What are his interests and passions, outside of academics, within the school setting?
  • Does he have any ideas about what he might like to do in the future?

If your child truly has no vision of a future, then you may want to encourage career exploration. Exploring different career options and possibilities can open doors to drive and ambition.

Do You have some ideas to motivate a child? Please give advice.

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