Exercises For Kids
Brain Exercises For Kids

Intelligence does go a long way in promoting your kid’s mental development.

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Successful and lovely brain exercises for kids.

Cross Crawls:

  • The exercise helps release excess stress in kids, and they can effectively concentrate on their studies.
  • Your kid needs to move his left arm to the right leg, and then switch sides.
  • The slow lateral movement enhances your kid’s attention and mental coordination.

Lazy Eight’s:

  • Your kid has to draw the figure eight for multiple times either imaginary in the air or on a paper.
  • The exercise activates your kid’s creative side and loosens the muscles of his arm and wrist.
  • The exercise helps improve your kid’s reading speed, eye-muscles coordination, and peripheral vision.

Double Doodle:

  • This bilateral drawing activity requires your kid to sketch two images with both his hands.
  • The activity encourages your kid’s learning skills and improves spelling accurateness, math calculation speed and recognition of writing symbols. This is a great brain gym activities for kids.
Brain Gym Exercises For Kids
Exercises For Kids   SEE  WHAT  WIKIPEDIA  HAS  TO  SAY     #FamilyInMotion

The Elephant:

  • Your child needs to stretch one of his hands and place it in close vicinity to the same-sided ear.
  • By rotating the extended hand, he needs to make the symbol infinity in the air for at least three times, and vice versa.
  • The movements activate your kid’s mind and body balance and encourage the brain to listen to the words correctly.
  • It improves your kid’s thinking ability, short- and long-term memory, and attention.

The Owl:

  • Your kid needs to sit comfortably and bring one of his hands to the opposite shoulder.
  • By holding the hand steady, he has to pinch the shoulder around the trapezius muscle.
  • Your kid should now turn his head towards the direction of the pinched shoulder and take a deep breath.
  • The exercising posture and range of motion improves the blood circulation and improves your child’s attention and memory.

The Thinking Cap:

  • Your child has to hold both the ears with his thumbs and the index fingers of both hands and roll and unroll the outer edge of the ear.
  • Thinking Cap helps in improving your kid’s hearing, peripheral vision, and short-term memory.


  • Your kid can either perform the exercise while standing, sitting, or lying down.
  • He needs to cross the left ankle over the right one, intertwine the fingers and place them near the chest and breathe deeply.
  • The exercise promotes mind and body relaxation.

If you know any other brain exercises for children, please send us your ideas.

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