A lot of research and planning goes into organizing a birthday party that is fun for teens.

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We give you a list of the top birthday ideas and party games for teens!

1. Knight’s Tale

Knight’s Tale is a role playing game that takes the tweens back into the medieval times.

Number Of Players – 10 or more

You Will Need: A lot of space, with hiding areas

How To Play:

  • Pick a few kids to play the role of knights, princesses, shield, and wanderers. Do not reveal the identity of the princesses to the knights.
  • You will need two princesses, four knights, and one shield. The remaining players are wanderers.
  • The two princesses have to hide from the rest of the players, especially the knights, who have to find them.
  • If a wanderer finds a princess, she has to stay in the same place while the wanderer informs the knight. They cannot, however, reveal the name of the princess.
  • The knights must go to the princess before the other knights to win the game.
Some Ground Rules To Make The Game Interesting:
  • The kids should not spy – it ruins the game.
  • No one should guard the princesses.
  • Knights have to find the princesses in set time.
  • Every knight has some dedicated wanderers.
  • Knights can fight each other for the princesses (no violence, though)

2. Crazy Baseball

Crazy Baseball is a fun version of baseball, which you should play outdoors. You can get creative with these birthday party activities for your tweens.

Number Of Players – 12 or more

You Will Need: Baseball bats, tennis racquets, hockey sticks, and other bats, balls – ping pong, baseball, tennis ball, etc., and a die.

How To Play:

  • First, come up with a list of six funny ways a kid can hit a ball. You can create a set of rules, such as:
  • Sing a romantic song and hit a tennis ball with a basketball.
  • Jump up thrice and kick a football with your left leg.
  • Do a dance routine and hit a baseball with a tennis racquet.
  • Assign a number to each of these rules.
  • Have the field ready – in your backyard, or a baseball field or any other place where there is space to play and mark the bases.
  • Designate one person to be the pitcher – one of the adults can take up this job.
  • Ask each kid to roll the die. They have to do the designated task based on the number they get.
  • Get all the kids to do it.
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3. Line Up

Line Up is one of the best birthday party games for tweens. It is a fun energizer that you can play on the lawn or a room with ample space.

Number Of Players – 10 or more

You Will Need: A lot of space

How To Play:

  • Ask all the tweens to stand in a random order at first.
  • When you say “Line up in the order of…”, the kids have to rearrange themselves quickly to form that order. You can ask them to line up according to their height, alphabetical order, the number of siblings, age, birthday months, and so on.
  • Give them only a minute to rearrange themselves – that makes it more fun to play.
  • It also forces them to think fast and have fun – when they do arrange themselves – let them cheer for themselves and reward them with cake and treats.

4. Gift Grab

Gift Grab is an excellent way to start the party and get the tweens into fun mood.

Number Of Players – All the guests

You Will Need: Some gifts, depending on the number of kids at the party, two decks of playing cards

You can get small, inexpensive gifts from the dollar shop and have them wrapped for this game.

How To Play:

  • Place all the gifts on a table in the center.
  • Ask the kids to gather around the table, but keep a distance of at least five feet from it.
  • Take one deck of cards and give each boy or girl one card. Distribute all the cards among the participants. Some may get more than the others.
  • Shuffle the other set of cards and call out the card you pick. Every time you call out a card, the kid with a matching card from the first deck will go and choose a gift.
  • Once all the gifts on the table are over, kids are free to ‘grab’ the gift from another person, when they get a matching card.
  • At the end of the second deck, those with the gifts get to keep them.

5. Balloon Stick

The game is fun to play but needs the parents to prepare ahead.

Number Of Players – 10 or more

You Will Need: A baseball bat or a stick, balloons with prizes or toffees in them

How To Play:

  • Blow balloons with gifts in them – a candy bar, a small rounded toy, anything that stays in without bursting the balloon.
  • Take one balloon and stick it to the floor using tape, so that it won’t move from its position.
  • Pick one player and blindfold him or her.
  • Give them a stick and ask them to beat the balloon using it.
  • The player who can burst as many balloons as possible in a minute wins.

6. Love, Like, Hate

One of the amazing tween boy birthday party ideas! Love, Like, Hate is a pool game that acts as an icebreaker. It is an energizer and helps the kids to know each other better.

Number Of Players – 12

You Will Need: Swimming pool

How To Play:

  • Pick one person to be ‘It’. ‘It’ stands at one end of the pool and the other three sides are three people – Love, Like, and Hate. Besides ‘It’, all other players stand at the ‘love’ side of the pool.
  • ‘It’ calls out a few things or activities that come to their mind, and everyone else has to move towards either love, hate, or like.
  • As the others move, ‘It’ has to tag one person midway, and that person becomes ‘It’.

7. Candy Corn Stack

Candy Corn Stack is a minute-to-win game. It is a skill/competitive game for tweens – that ends with a lot of candy corn for them!

Number Of Players – 10 or more

You Will Need: Lots of colorful candy corn, preferably the ones with yellow at the wider end

How To Play:

  • Divide the candy corn into equal portions in different bowls.
  • Give each player a bowl of candy corn and give them each a minute to stack the candy corn into corn cobs.
  • Give each player one minute to stack as many candies as they can to form the biggest sweet corn cob, as the others cheer them on.
  • There are no prizes – each player can keep the candy he or she uses to make the cob.

Your tween girl or boy gets to try a lot of new activities and ideas through these fun birthday games, in addition to having fun.

Have more ideas for tween birthday party games? Share them with us.

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