If you are panicking on the inside, keep cool on the outside.

Stay Came – Be Factual    Watch Our Video
  • Remaining calm rather than falling apart or flying off the handle will make you appear more emotionally intelligent and balanced.
  • There are certainly people in your life with whom you can share your worries and anxiety, but in most situations that are stressful, it’s better to take a deep breath and try to remain calm.
  • This allows you to have a clear head to make the best decisions without agitating emotions clouding your judgment.
Do not allow self-doubt    See What Wikipedia Has To Say

You can not allow self-doubt

  • Remind yourself of your competence often and be positive and assertive in your decisions and actions. Try to trust your own judgment and inner wisdom, and draw from the years of experience you have to analyze how to move forward.
  • If you need feedback, find a few trusted mentors to give you a different perspective. But in the end, you need to make your own decisions confidently.
  • This will make you look and feel like a leader, which is attractive in any area of your life.

Can You keep cool in a stressful situation? We like to hear it!

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